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Salute to our volunteer teachers !



JCSF Pathshala is a great way to get kids back to their religious roots. It helps them understand the meaning behind prayers, rituals, and practice. This understanding makes their visits to temple more fulfilling and Jain practice more relevant to their day-to-day choices and actions. We hope that participants can take what they learn through the Pathshala and apply it to consider their own actions through the lenses of Jain principles such as non-violence, compassion, and honesty.

Pathshala also helps kids learn Hindi & Gujarati.

How to Register:

Submit online form: Click here


Download Pathshala Registration form

Please contact Roopal Shah with any questions.
Roopal Shah (954-240-2424, roopal_shah@hotmail.com)

Pathshala Teachers

      • Roopal Shah
      • Deepika Dalal
      • Sonal Mehta
      • Nipa Doshi
      • Sweta Soni
      • Itisha Jain
      • Jyoti Bothra

Here’s more information:

1. Every Sunday throughout school year 9:50AM to 12:30PM.
2. Pathshala follows School Calender
3. Pathshala follows JAINA Education Curriculum for Jainism
4. Groups : Group A : 5-7 Years, Group B : 8-12 Years, Group C : 13+
5. Group A : Jainism Activity Book(JES 101), Basics of Jainism(JES 102)
6. Group B : JES 101, First Steps of Jainism(JES 203, Workbook (JES 203Q)
7. Group C : First Steps of Jainism(JES 203, Workbook (JES 203Q)
8. Jain Religious Class : 10:00AM – 11:00AM
9. Class change + Snack : 10 minutes between the classes
10. Language (Gujarati, Hindi) : 11:10AM – 12:10PM
11. Yoga-Meditation 3rd Sunday of the month instead of language class
12. Winter, summer, Spring school breaks – OFF

Pathshala Books :
Reference Material : 5-6 Years – Download / View PDf file : JES101-Jainism Activity Book
Reference Material : 7-12 Years – Download / View PDf file : JES102-Basics of Jainism

Reference Material : 12+ Years – Download / View PDf file : JES203-First Steps Jainism
                                                                Download / View PDf file : JES203Q-First Steps Jainism

Pathshala Presentations
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JCSF Pathshala Program
Sharing the Experience

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