News & Events

Dr. Deepika Dalal & Jaap
Date: 06/16/2024
Speaker:  Dr. Deepika Dalal
Time: 11:15 AM

Time: 12 PM

Food Sponsor: Naveen and Dipti Anand | Deepika Dalal
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June Scholar - Shastri Vipin Jain
Date: 06/23/2024
Speaker:  Shastri Vipin Jain
Time: 11:15 AM
Food Sponsor: Vikas and Padmini Soni
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June Scholar: Shastri Vipin Jain (June 18-24)
Date: 06/24/2024
June Scholar: Shastri Vipin Jain
Dates: 18th June to 24th June


       JCSF Youth Event was held on 10-Sep-23 where kids overwhelmingly participated in activities and signed up for volunteer services.

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