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About Us

Jain Center of South Florida (JCSF) is relatively small organization, currently 100-120 Jain families. Prior to 1993, only handful of Jain families gathered for Jain religious and social activities.

Our aim is to, provide place of worship for Jain followers, learn and promote Jainism. Support and promote Jain principles of Ahimsa, Apatigraha, Anekant and also to enrich our future generation to learn and value their spiritual Heritage.

Contact Info : Click Here

Brief History
JCSF was formed in 1993. Bylaws were established in 1995. Our first attempt to build Jain temple in this land scarcity area was to buy four acre land next to the Hindu temple. Bhumi Pujan was performed in1998. Due to various zoning laws revisions, we were denied permit to build the Jain temple. Our dream continued, Jain center kept the faith in their abilities and finally in late 2005, JCSF bought the around 4000 sq. feet of commercial office space in the newly built beautiful city called WESTON, with high visibility and easy access from interstate highways which serve well for our neighboring area like Naples, Ft. Myers, Palm Beach and north.
Highlights of Jain Center

  • Approximate inside area – 3800 Sq.feet
  • About 440 Sq.Feet Gabhara with Bhamati
  • Open seating area approximately 1600sq.feet
  • Main Shikhar temple with Center
  • Mulnayak Mahavirswami with Simadarswami and Adinath(Digamber) murties on the side
  • Parshwanath and Shantinath Murties in the Corner
  • Traditional Bhamati with all 24 Tirthakar Murties
  • Ganadhara : Gautamswami, Sudhrmaswami
  • Devi: Laxmi, Sarswati and Padmavati
  • Dev : Gantakarna Vir, Manibhadra Vir
  • Navakar Mantra with Meaning
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Portrait
  • Atma Siddhi Gathas
  • Bhaktamber Sotra
  • Shatrunjaya Pat
  • Library : Acharya Tulsi Photo
  • Pathshala Room
  • Kitchen and Bhojanshala

Jain Center of South Florida By-laws (Updated Apr2022) :  ClickHere
Jain Center of South Florida By-laws (Updated Feb 2018) :  ClickHere
Jain Center of South Florida By-laws (Updated March 2011) :  ClickHere
Jain Center of South Florida By-laws (First Revision 2007) :  ClickHere

Board of Directors

Mukund Shah
Bhavana Shah
Dr. Vijay Vakhariya
Hemant Thakker
Nayanbhai Shah
Laxbhai Shah
Bhartiben T Shah
Pragnesh Gandhi (EC)
Parag Shah (EC)

Executive Committee

Pragnesh Gandhi (President)
Parag Shah (Vice President)
Mohit Soni (Secretary)
Amit Lunawat (Chief Financial Officer)
Urvashi Sanghavi  (Logistics)
Malini Shah (Special events coordinator)
Bipin Seth (Membership)
Ritu Jain (Swamivatsalya coordinator)
Sandeep Jain (Chief Technology Officer / Editor)

Oversight Committee

Poorab Kapadia (Head of Governing Council)
Dinesh Dagly
Pradip Gosalia
Piyush Bothra

JAINA Directors

Bindesh Shah
Deepika Dalal

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